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Does your home need a facelift?

Do you need Your Living Spaces to Reflect Your Personal Style?

Great spaces are rarely the product of chance. Every time you enter a space that takes your breath away, you can be certain there was a lot of planning behind it. There are many factors to take into account when decorating a room. Space, lighting, wall and windows disposition, intended use, its relation to adjacent spaces…

Our service is aimed both for those who have a clear idea of what they want but want to find the most efficient way to execute it, and those who want to enhance their living space but do not even know where to start.

Why hire a Professional Interior Designer?

Many people believe that interior designers are expensive, tend to transform spaces into pompous art galleries, and are basically superfluous. Truth turns out to be the exact opposite. Having a professional Interior designer is the best way to save money, boost the functionality of your living spaces, and end up with a home that truly feels “yours”.


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How can an Interior Designer Help me Save Money?

When people embark in a quest to find that perfect wall color, piece of furniture, or window drapes, they often end up paying for multiple paint jobs, buying furniture that looked great at the store but was actually the wrong size, or having to change the disposition of the whole room as they discovered it actually caused problems they did not foresee.

This happens more often than you imagine, and it´s only natural.

We help people save time and money everyday by helping them avoid costly mistakes and get it right on the first try. Our experience allows us to see what problems need to be addressed first, do it on time, and stay on budget. You get the value of every dollar you spend.

What´s more, we know everyone in the business. If you need the help of home improvement contractors, kitchen remodel, and bathroom remodel experts, you better know who to call. We have access to materials, fabrics, and products not available to the general public, making it easier for you to customize your space while keeping costs down.

The best part?

You will have that elusive “Wow” factor that everyone wants in their homes.

What We Do

We are problem solvers. Every project will have its challenges, and we will always find the right solution.

We offer online and in-person consultation.

We listen to your ideas, and take a look at the sample pictures you bring. We then provide suggestions and comments based on our experience and extensive knowledge. We will make sure we understand your vision 100% and our work will reflect exactly who you are.

We help you save money and time.

With so many choices, you need to know their pros and cons to make an informed decision. The best way to prevent future headaches and unpleasant surprises is to have our valuable guidance.

We get the job done, on schedule and on budget

We manage every project professionally, and make sure you only work with contractors, painters, installers and home improvement professionals who value your time.

We find what you need.

There are materials and resources that are only available for those “in the trade”. Have access to a seemingly unlimited catalog of accessories, decoration pieces, furnishings, fixtures, fabrics and more by working with us.